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   My name is Vicki and I am a survivor of Anxiety and Panic Disorder. Living with a mental health disorder took over my whole life, how I parented, how I took care of myself, the housework and worst of all my happiness. It's like the world around me turned grey and overcast. No sun, no colour, no hope and no prospects of anything likely to grow. Everyday was blurred into one long struggle, repeating the same thoughts, the same worries and never feeling like I was achieving anything. 

Does any of this make sense to you?

It wasn't until I hit rock bottom with the biggest thud that I knew I had to make a change. I couldn't live like this any longer. 

Working my way back out of the hole that had swallowed me up was not easy, there were days that I felt I was falling again but also days that I felt I was flying. Those moments of pure happiness were what I took with me to help me climb! I included these thoughts in my meditations, breath work and affirmations. Each one a small quick processes that fight against my negativities each day. 


                A Mum?? A Wife?? A Housewife??

Well yes I am all these things but I don't want these titles to define me as a person. I am quirky, probably slightly weird and quite eccentric in my interests. Ranging from chickens and wanting to be a farmer to getting my nails done after a pamper, from unicorns to Lord Of The Rings.  

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Learn everything you need to know to start and continue your healing process at home! 

Follow all the methods I used to heal and recover from Panic Disorder. 

Including Shadow Work, Clearing Limiting Beliefs, Spirituality, Universal Energy, Manifestation, Self Care and so so so much more! 

No matter what your personal situation I have a course for YOU! 

Use these courses along with my pre recorded videos, social media and free downloads. 

Stay with me on your journey, I'm not going anywhere! 

Have you ever wanted Life Coaching, Mindset, Therapy

or to understand the tools for self paced knowledge involving your mental wellness? 

Are you on a waiting list? Feel like you haven't connected with it? Needed it to last longer? 

Can't afford it? Never really understood it?

Heal Evolve Nurture is based on Healing, Spiritual Awakening and Universal Energy.

These services are available for everyone, no matter of the situation or lifestyle they lead. 

Through this website, this safe space, I provide all the tools you need to reach new levels of well being, higher positions in business and a greater level of mindfulness, all from the comfort of your own home.

I have created 3 courses :- Essential (Heal), Growth (Heal & Evolve) and Awakening (Heal, Evolve & Nurture)

No matter what your personal situation each one of these courses provides the information you need to take that step further in your own healing process. The further you want to delve depends on what course you feel will benefit you the most. 

Join me today to learn all about how you can start your own road to recovery! 


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Your Donations enable me to provide one to one coaching to new members on low income, to provide support within local communities, supply therapy packs to charities including Women's Refuges, Young People and Men's Support Groups.  

One of my goals is to ensure that the most vulnerable and at-risk individuals in the UK, have daily access to workshops, downloadable tools and free packs to aid recovery. I understand the deep dark places Mental Health can take you too, and I am so lucky to have found my shining light at the end of my tunnel.

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Mental Health affects over 450 million people throughout the world, with 75% of symptoms starting before the age of 18!

Suffering from Mental Health myself, for over 20 years, and only just being able to see a light at the end of the tunnel, I want to help as many people I can to be able to find their light. With simple exercises and full support at all times, everyone has a chance to fight their battle and succeed! 

With the help of others, I want to change peoples perception of Mental Health and stop the stigma based around it. Mental Health, especially in 2020 has to be at the forefront of peoples minds, with 1 in 4 people suffering and reporting daily. 

I will create and supply Mental Wellness Packs to be donated to the low income and vulnerable. Giving them the personal one to one they need to begin their journey.